Dear Readers,

Ask Alicia HeadshotEveryone has that one person in their life. You know, the one you constantly go to for advice when you are having (home, relationship, job — take your pick) problems. In every office in America, there is that one person you can always talk to who will listen intently and give you advice on how to deal with your problem. And ultimately, if you listen to that person, things tend to get better, right? Well, my whole life, I’ve been that person. 

I’m not a psychiatrist, and by any means I don’t claim to know it all. But, I’ve always been a caretaker, a friend to almost anyone I meet, and I care deeply about the well-being of everyone that has ever crossed my path in life. I’m very spiritual and can almost sense when someone is worrying about something. Some people would ask, “Are you okay?” and not really want to get involved. Not me. I’ll ask you and mean it, listen to you and try my best to help you by talking through it.
What’s even crazier is that most times, I don’t have to ask. People seem to be naturally drawn to me for help with their problems. Maybe it’s because I try to always be a positive person. Or maybe I just give off some weird vibe that says, “Come talk to me, I want to help.” Whatever the reason, I’ve happily taken on this role my entire adult life.
While it can be emotionally draining at times, it is important to me to help others learn what I’ve learned to improve their lives. Once you have learned to ground yourself and rejuvenate, you can begin your own process of healing yourself. But it’s not just about learning to build your own positive energy; it’s about learning, then guiding others so they can help themselves.That, my friends, is the reason I am who I am and do what I do. I hope to help as many people follow in my footsteps and learn their own self worth and gain self confidence, so they can, in turn, pass that along to someone else.
Now, I’d like to introduce myself and offer that same help to anyone who needs it. I’m Alicia, and I’m an empath. For those who don’t know what that is, just go back to the beginning and read this article again. That’s what we empaths do – we feel a deep need to help those around us. We will give our own positive energy to build someone else up and eventually teach them to do the same. We give positive advice to people and show them how to maintain this and share it with others.
Now it’s up to you, our loyal readers: I want to help you with your troubles and teach you how to become a happier, more confident person. I want to help you rid yourself of those things that are stealing your happiness. So ask me anything – from the mundane daily issues we all deal with like having a child who overshares about everything (like a recent and embarrassing surgical procedure you just had – don’t ask) or a spouse who snores so loudly it drives you nuts. And, I also want to hear from those of you who have more personal, deeply emotional issues you’re struggling with such as “How do I deal with this daily depression?” “How do I get over losing someone important to me?” or “How do I deal with all the anger in me that’s been building up?” You don’t have to give your name, just reach out anonymously and let me help you. Send your letters to the paper or email me at
So, for now I’ll leave you with an old Japanese proverb to ponder – “Fall seven times, stand up eight.” Be happy and well, loyal readers and friends. Stay positive and don’t give up!
Bright Blessing, Peace and Happiness,

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