Over-crowding means euthanizations will resume


After an unprecedented five month stretch without having to euthanize animals brought in to the Greenbrier Humane Society ( GHS ) in Lewisburg, the shelter is at crisis capacity and will have to resume putting animals down.

The shout out came on July 15 by way of GHS’s Facebook page, “We just received word that we are getting 15 to 20 cats tomorrow or Thursday. We have no cages and we are even housing cats and kittens in our surgery cages. We have no choice but to euthanize. If anyone can find it in their heart to offer a cat a home, we will waive our adoption fees today.”

Shelter manager, Layla Rogers-Georgopoulos, says, “This is the ugly side of a shelter, because when you have no room, they have nowhere to go. So you don’t have a choice. It’s an extremely hard thing to do, and it really hurts us, and breaks our hearts, that we have to do that.”

On July 16, after waiving adoption fees for cats, the shelter had 31 adoptions by close of business. In an effort to continue to bring the cat population of the shelter down, and prevent euthanizing the animals only because of overcrowding, GHS is going to run adoption fees at half off for both dogs and cats through Saturday, July 19. The shelter is open, and able to complete the adoption process, Tuesday through Saturday from 9 a.m. until 5 p.m. You may call GHS at 304-645-4775.

The shelter is also is dire need of cat and dog food. Both dry and wet (canned) food is needed because of the diverse feeding needs of the different ages and health of the animals. One may always simply stop by and donate food purchased locally; but there is an even easier way of donating to GHS. They are registered on Amazon.com. You may search for their registry by entering their email address, and through one-click ordering you can send them items GHS has pre-registered for purchase. The GHS email to use for the search is GreenbrierHumaneSociety@gmaiLcom. Also you are able to choose your own items as you would normally search and shop; and send cat or dog food directly to Greenbrier Humane Society at 151 Holliday Lane, Lewisburg, WV 24901.


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