Cookie monsters on high alert

By David Esteppe

Girl Scout cookie season kicked off on Jan. 9. Local Area Service Unit Administrator Emily Shirey says all of the favorites are back, and there is excitement about two new cookies this year. Rah Rah Raisin and Toffee-tastic are joining the ranks of cookie hall-of-famers Thin Mints, Samoas, Tagalongs, Do-Si-dos, Savannah Smiles and Trefoils.

The prices for the cookies will remain the same at $4 a box, with the exception of the new Toffee-tastic cookies, which will have a limited run this year and sell for $5.

This year is also the 40-year anniversary of the classic Samoa cookie.

Beginning this year, you will be able to order your cookies through a new Digital Cookie App. Each Girl Scout will be able to maintain their own protected, personalized website to market their cookie business to local customers, accept orders via credit card and activate cookie shipments directly to customers. The platform places an emphasis on the safety of the girls and customers. This online experience allows girls to learn about digital money management. It teaches modern skills while aligning them with interests of today’s girls.

“In addition to pre-orders, in February, going into March, look for cookie booths to pop up at grocery storefronts and other retail venues to allow customers to buy these once-a-year treats,” says Shirey.

If you can’t eat the cookies yourself, consider the Girl Scouts of Black Diamond Council’s (GSBDC) Gift of Caring program. This is a partnership with the National Guard Foundation. Donating through this program will provide members of the military, veterans and their families with Girl Scout cookies. The GSBDC is a partnership of about 4,000 volunteers and 12,000 girls in 61 counties throughout West Virginia, Virginia, Ohio and Maryland.

Girl Scout Cookies are a well-known brand throughout the world. Behind this brand is the successful intention of teaching girls important skills including goal setting, decision making, money management, people skills and business ethics. “These are skills that girls use throughout their lives to help them excel, exceed and lead,” says GSBDC representative Jennifer Brown.

Shirey explains that each troop of girls decides what project or group activity they would like to fund through cookie sales, and then they set their goals accordingly. A percentage of each box of cookies’ sales goes to the troop. Sometimes this funds camping trips, days at amusement parks, or some other activity or trip germane to the age group’s interest.

For more information about the Digital Cookie App or the Gift of Caring program, or even to find a venue for buying Girl Scout cookies in your area, visit


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