A comfortable wait for train passengers in Alderson


The waiting room in the Historic 1896 C&O Train Depot in Alderson is now open for passenger use before and after Amtrak stops on Wednesdays, Fridays, and Sundays. Passengers can wait for the trains in a comfortable setting which includes restrooms and benches from the old waiting room.

1896 C&O Train Depot
Passengers board the train with the help of the conductor at 1896 C&O Train Depot

Alderson Main Street, under the guidance of member Tom Dameron, has undertaken the responsibility of opening this area at the designated times. Passengers, such as Reverend Jim and Jo Johnson, on their way to visit family in Arlington, VA were grateful for the comfort just before Christmas when they boarded their train.

A surprising number of passengers use the trains and board at Alderson. Clay Hambrick said, “I can walk from my apartment in Manhattan to the subway, take that to Penn Station and board Amtrak. We change engines in Washington, DC, which gives me time to grab a sandwich, and then I get off in Alderson.”

Alderson Main Street has received Transportation Alternative grant funds for the Historic 1896 C&O Depot. The plans and specifications for a complete exterior repair and repainting plus the replacement of the roof on the two extensions are in Charleston for review. When that review is complete, the work will be bid and the Depot will shine once again.




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