Citizen’s Party candidates win Lewisburg’s municipal election

Beverly White (far left) has been elected as the new mayor of Lewisburg. Fellow Citizen’s Party members Arron Seams, Sarah Elkins, and Edward Johns all secured seats on the Lewisburg City Council. Voting results will be finalized after the canvass on June 17.

After weeks of campaigning, community forums, and early voting, the results are in for Lewisburg’s municipal election. With the closing of the polls on June 11, the unofficial totals were released for the mayor’s seat and three city council positions.

Beverly White held a strong lead over opponent Mark Carver for mayor, winning 562 to 302. The four-year city council seats were secured by Sarah Elkins with 511 votes and Edward Johns with 516, compared to Martha Hilton with 345 and Tom Shannon with 299. The two-year city council seat will remain occupied by Arron Seams who gathered 553 votes, compared to Joe Taylor’s 305.

White will be the first female African-American mayor of Lewisburg. She has served on the Lewisburg City Council for the last 16 years.

The city council will conduct a board of canvass for the election on Monday, June 17, at 7:30 a.m. to affirm the total votes.

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