More chocolaty goodness to tempt your taste buds

Sea Salt Caramels returns to the Lewisburg Chocolate Festival! A crowd favorite, DeFluri’s Sea Salt Caramel chocolates will be offered again this year at the Carnegie Hall tasting booth inside the CVB. Carnegie Hall’s booth will be staffed by members of its Board of Directors, all of whom look forward to meeting and serving you on festival day. Be sure to visit early in the event to get a taste of this delectable treat. Sea Salt Caramels sell out quickly.

At DeFluri’s, ingredients are chosen with care, perfecting recipes over time. All DeFluri’s chocolates are made with a loving, personal touch. DeFluri’s uses pure and natural ingredients in recipes that have been honed by more than two decades of chocolate making. Co-founder and veteran chocolatier Brenda Casabona (né DeFluri) blends a wide variety of fresh ingredients and flavors, to create both the classic favorites you’ve loved since you were a kid, as well as innovative new delicacies. Unlike chocolates produced by many large manufacturers, DeFluri’s chocolates are each crafted, decorated, and inspected by individual chocolate makers.

DeFluri’s Fine Chocolates opened its doors in 1985 in Vienna, VA, as both a bakery and maker of fine chocolates. In 1998, the factory and showroom moved to downtown Martinsburg, WV, where their passion for making chocolates continues today. In Martinsburg, DeFluri’s enjoys a close sense of community in a thriving historic business district, while taking pride in contributing to West Virginia’s rich heritage in specialty foods and other fine offerings.

A complete list of Chocolate offerings by Carnegie Hall:

• Chocolate Raspberry – Dark Chocolate

The most popular flavor combination, rich dark chocolate with more than a hint of fresh black raspberries.

• Hazelnut – Milk Chocolate

The essence of Hazelnuts lends a mild, nutty background flavor to this smooth, delicate truffle.

• Mocha – Dark Chocolate

The flavor of premium espresso enhances the intense chocolate of this truffle.

• Grand Marnier – Milk Chocolate

The most famous of liqueurs lends a superb orange flavor note to this fabulous truffle. Many customers swear that this is the best truffle DeFluri’s ever created.

• Sea Salt Caramel – Dark Chocolate

A classic old favorite! Rich, chewy caramel on the inside with a sprinkle of sea salt on the outside.


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