CH Kids’ College/Fiber Arts Network receive grant

A $1,000 grant from the Mid Atlantic Fiber Arts Association (MAFA) along with an additional $2,000 from the Lewisburg Fiber Arts Network (FAN) will be used by both Carnegie Hall’s Kids’ College and area FAN members.
CH Kids' CollegeFiber Arts Network Receive Grant
Fiber Arts Network representatives to Mid Atlantic Fiber Association, Marie Murtaugh; Leah Trent, Carnegie Hall education director; and weaving instructor Toni Ogden with one of the two looms purchased by FAN with a Grant from MAFA. The loom will be used by FAN members and children who take weaving at CH Kids’ College. The loom is a Purrington. The company, located in Scott Depot, WV, gave a generous discount To FAN

Also, part of the money will provide a Kids’ College scholarship. Two new looms, a Purrington Workshop Loom and a Schacht Wolf Pup, along with more shuttles, reeds, raddles and warping board are now available for use. Toni Ogden, weaving instructor for the popular summer weaving class said, “Not only will we make use of the new equipment, we can now enroll another interested student in our summer program which always has a waiting list!”

CH Education Director and FAN member Leah Trent and Marie Murtaugh, FAN member and representative to the North Atlantic Fiber Arts, worked together to apply for the grant. Murtaugh added, “One of the reasons we were able to get so much weaving equipment for our studio and students was due to the generosity of both Purrington (a WV company) and Schacht Spindle Company. Both gave us discount, and we want to publicly express our thanks to them.”

Trent emphasized again that because of great teamwork, Fiber Arts members and Kids’ College student have gained both money and equipment which will be used wisely and often. For more information contact Leah Trent, CH education director, at 304-645-7917.


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