Alderson in second place in Turn This Town Around contest

Alderson has moved into second place in the under 1,500 population category of the Turn This Town Around contest. Sponsored by West Virginia Focus magazine; WV Public Broadcasting; and the WV Community Hub, the winner will get professional help from agencies throughout the state to develop the town.

Voting is entirely on line with one vote per IP address. Many citizens of Alderson handed out slips of paper during their parade on Friday night urging people to vote and giving them the web address. The contest ends at midnight on Tuesday, Dec. 9.

Please go to to vote for Alderson.

Mayor Travis Copenhaver said, “I have voted from every electronic device I have and have e-mailed all my friends to vote as well. Winning this would be such a boost for the efforts we are already making. We can do it! VOTE!”

Alderson supporters are also suggesting people vote for Hinton in the 1,500-6,000 population category. The two towns share so much heritage, they could help each other win. The contest results are posted about once each day on Alderson Main Street’s facebook page.


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