An afternoon in Alderson

By Margaret Hambrick

Town of Alderson

Hummmm? What to do on Sunday afternoon, Dec. 14? I have been hearing about the Christmas Homes Tour and other events in Alderson. I think I’ll go there!

Now, I think I’ll have to pace myself to get it all in so let’s start with lunch (food is always a high priority) at the Johnson Memorial United Methodist Church. Their homemade soup, sandwich, drink and dessert lunch for $6 is a real bargain. And, speaking of bargains, there is their bazaar to browse through for a stocking stuffer or two.

Then it is off to the Historic 1896 C&O Depot for my $10 ticket, hand stamp, and map/brochure to guide me to the homes and churches. I have to tear myself away from the train-related exhibits at the Depot but I need to get started touring the homes! I see a couple and then decide to take a break and listen to the famous local choir singing on the half hour at the Methodist Church before touring the church sanctuaries.

Two more houses to see and then the Model Train Show at the Presbyterian Church. I am really inspired now and want to do some shopping. Alderson’s Store and the Wolf Creek Gallery are just the thing. I have a couple of questions about Alderson history and stop in the Visitors Center. Wow! More beautiful trees and wreaths to see and a book about Alderson, written by Belinda Anderson, for sale. A copy of that is definitely going in someone’s stocking.

It is almost dark and the beautiful lights on the Alderson Memorial Bridge glow in the dusk. I leave my car in the Visitors Center parking lot and walk out to the center of the bridge where lights are reflected in the river. Above the town, I can see the star glowing brightly and reminding me of the true meaning of the Christmas season.

What a wonderful afternoon! As I walk back to my car, a bit tired but happy, I am already planning to do this again next year.


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