5th Annual All Terrain Poetry event celebrates National Poetry Month


On Friday, Apr. 6, at 6 p.m., The Wild Bean in Lewisburg will host an open mic live poetry summit for First Friday. All Terrain Poetry events showcase local and regional poets in listener friendly settings – and the Wild Bean makes for a convenient and comfortable atmosphere.

Neal Krakover is a stalwart defender of poetic justice is a native of Philadelphia, PA. His book “64” Poems And Worse pays homage to the healing power of self-talk. With a degree in philosophy, he has worked as an advertising copywriter, correctional counselor, special-education teacher, Good Humor Ice Cream truck driver, construction worker, and busboy in Atlantic City way before the casinos arrived. He and his wife Margaret reside in Lobelia with an all-terrain cat and hound dog.

Sarah Elkins is a Lewisburg-based writer and poet. She lives with her husband, Max; son, Tad; and three dogs all with varying degrees of neuroses. The dogs, not the family. By day she is the director of marketing operations for a physician recruitment platform. She serves as the regional representative of West Virginia Writers. Sarah can be reached at sarahelkins.com.

Dick Evans is a West Virginia boy born in the coal fields of Cabin Creek. He has lived all over the U.S. from Rhode Island to Berkeley, CA. He returned back home 40 years ago to a mountain top in Jacox Pocahontas County. He has worked as a medical social worker, school teacher, teamster, wood worker, and sometimes poet. He’s not dangerous.

An open mic segment will follow the poetry showcase with a seven-minute limit per reader.