WVSOM students present dental health program to Ronceverte second grade students

To provide experience in the preparation and presentation of community based health education seminars, Dr. Andrea Nazar, D.O. developed a Health Education Lab for second year students to prepare and present “healthy news” to schools, civic groups, senior citizen centers, etc. Medical students tailor the presentations to the intended audience and to the interests of the group(s) they are addressing.

On Mar. 12, Deborah W. Johnson, second grade teacher at Ronceverte Elementary School (RES), invited students from WVSOM’s, RES’s Partner in Education, to prepare and present a session to her students on Dental Health.

A group of five second-year students (future doctors) and their facilitator, Larry Davis, Ph.D., presented an age-appropriate, informing, engaging, educational and hands-on program that went hand-in-hand with the three week unit the second graders had studied on the mouth, teeth, tongue (taste buds), etc. in February (February is National Children’s Dental Health Month). “I’m always so impressed with the creative ideas that the WVSOM students bring to my classroom each year. The centers are always new and I know a great deal of time and planning must go into each one,” expressed Mrs. Johnson.

Each second grade student rotated in groups between four stations (1: Bones, 2: Muscles and Exercise, 3: The Brain – how it gathers and interrupts information, and 4: The Tongue / Taste Buds) that were set up in the classroom. “While walking around, observing my students, I overheard one group ask Mr. Davis why he wasn’t participating in the tasting center? Mr. Davis (the brave man that he is) stood right up and opened his mouth wide for the unknown Q-tip tasting. Oh, how the students giggled,” stated Mrs. Johnson.

When centers were finished, the WVSOM students had a question and answer session with the second graders. “It was hard to believe that second graders knew so much about Dental Health, the muscles and all the others things we discussed,” said Future Doctor Michelle Wood. For correct answers, each student received a toothbrush and a tote bag.

If your group or organization is looking for presenters on health issues, you may contact Mr. Larry Davis, Ph.D. at WVSOM at 304-647-6231 and schedule a presentation.


Students: Jiya Patel (left), Cody Morgan and Joseph McNeely at  taste bud center.
Students: Jiya Patel (left), Cody Morgan and Joseph McNeely at taste bud center.

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