WVSOM releases statement on privatization bill

Since the start of the legislative session, the West Virginia School of Osteopathic Medicine (WVSOM) has been working with the governor’s office and the West Virginia Legislature to promote and strengthen WVSOM for the betterment of its students, its employees and the healthcare needs of the state of West Virginia, according to a press release from the school.

Governor Jim Justice announced his support of WVSOM and recognized WVSOM as a strong asset and an outstanding educational facility that graduates more physicians annually than West Virginia University (WVU) and Marshall University, the release said.

In Justice’s press release and statements, the governor also publicly opposed the privatization of WVSOM. Michael D. Adelman, president of WVSOM, recently emphasized to Justice WVSOM’s support of him as governor and his position against privatization of the school.

WVSOM now has a unique opportunity through the leadership of Justice and the support of the West Virginia Legislature to advance the mission of WVSOM as a state institution, school officials said.

“We want to continue working collaboratively with Governor Justice and the West Virginia Legislature to move the school forward and to build upon the collective passion and support of WVSOM,” stated Adelman.

The governor’s office and the Legislature are working on legislation that allows WVSOM, along with WVU and Marshall University, to obtain more autonomy as state institutions. This would provide the flexibility that WVSOM needs to be a more efficient state institution as it continues to fulfill its mission to prepare osteopathic medical students to serve the state of West Virginia and the health care needs of its residents, the WVSOM press release said.
“We are grateful for this opportunity,” said Adelman. “We look forward to working collaboratively with the Governor and the Legislature on this initiative.”

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