WV Natives bring YumYum Beast from Maui

YumYum Beast flies over the Pacific Ocean and across the United States to bring it home for West Virginia music goers with six performances in Appalachia. YumYum Beast is a four piece rock-n-roll band featuring Justin Morris, Matthew Del Olmo, James Bowersox and John Michael Jeliffe. Their fans call their music “Hillbilly Funk.”
Justin Morris and Matthew Del Omo are native musicians to the Appalachian Mountains and also original members of Brown Chicken Brown Cow String Band. While they were living on Maui, they met national touring artists James Bowersox and John Michael Jeliffe. When they began playing music together the combination of their influences and talent made an instant synergy and audiences reacted with enthusiasm. Matthew Del Olmo (YumYum) and Justin Morris (Beast) write original songs with a variety of stories and messages with James Bowersox (drums) and John Michael Jeliffe (bass).
“Our songs talk about lots of different topics. One song is about driving around West Virginia in a car (Windshield Television), one song is about a dream that took me to outer space (Spaceman), another song is about a Hawaiian Mo’o legend we wrote with Larry Keel (Lizard Lady).With all of our band members’ musical input it’s fun to play and people seem to really like to dance to it.” —Justin Morris
You can see and hear YumYum Beast at the Mountain Music Festival at New River Gorge, WV, on June 4 (Tickets on Sale at www.mountianmusicfestival.com) and several other venues in the state. Locations include Lewisburg, Beckley, Fayetteville, Charleston and Morgantown. Check in at our website to find out more or like YumYum Beast on Facebook to keep up with the tour.
Get their latest recording “Out of the Cage” available at performances and online.
Free downloads and more about the band at www.yumyumbeast.com
Performances include:
• Thursday, May 26 – Boulevard Tavern, Charleston
• Friday, May 27 – The Wild Bean, Lewisburg
• Saturday, May 28 – Burrito Bar at Breeze Hill, Fayetteville
• Sunday, May 29 – Huette C. Smith Theater at Tamarack, Beckley
• Friday, June 3 – 123 Pleasant Street, Morgantown (Co-bill with 18 Strings)
• Saturday, June 4 – Mountain Music Festival, New River Gorge

YumYum Beast

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