Wright to the Point

By Jonathan Wright

What on earth is going on over at The Greenbrier?

You probably wouldn’t know it unless you’ve been over there recently, but the place is virtually running over with guests these days.

It’s not been unusual recently for The Greenbrier to see its 700-plus rooms sold out or close to sold out. People on vacation, families celebrating weddings and anniversaries, and more corporate groups than you can shake a stick at have been descending on the 235-year-old resort lately.

That’s great news.

Of course, we all know things will slow down somewhat once the cold-weather months set in, but even at that, we no longer see anything near the seasonal drop-off levels in guests that were typical in the not-too-distant past.

Obviously, some fired-up folks at The Greenbrier are doing a remarkable job at some very strong marketing, attracting crowds that are quickly making the White Sulphur Springs vacation spot one of the mid-Atlantic’s most desirable destinations and meeting places. It’s been just that for many, many decades, but even more so now, it appears.

This booming business benefits us all here in the Greenbrier Valley. More visitors means more money pumped into our local economy, making us the envy of other areas that might have a lot of other things going for them—but nothing at all like The Greenbrier.

The sluggish economy seems to have skipped right over The Greenbrier as wave after wave of guests keep pouring into the popular resort. Thanks to owner Jim Justice with his aggressive marketing staff and hundreds of other dedicated employees, there seems to be no end in sight.

Although the greater Greenbrier Valley is becoming increasingly better known for its many additional recreational, historic, and cultural offerings, let’s face it: people still recognize us primarily as the home of The Greenbrier.

We all know how it goes.

“Where are you from?”

“I live near Lewisburg, West Virginia.”

“Where exactly is that?”

“Have you ever heard of White Sulphur Springs, where The Greenbrier is?”

“Oh, yes, of course.”

“It’s about ten miles west of there.”

We would do well to continue capitalizing on our resort’s fame. It’s done immeasurable good for all of us in this niche of the Appalachians.

And by the look of things there recently, it’s apparently on track to an increasingly bright future.

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