Jonathan Wright


On this Labor Day weekend it’s worthwhile to look back on our own individual work histories and renew ourselves once more to the deep value of hard, honest work.

Most of us remember our first real job. It was an exciting time when we put in those first few days of work and then received—of all things—payment for that work. No thrill quite compares to that of being presented with financial remuneration for labors completed.

Hard work is a huge portion of what has made our country great. People who have entered the workforce to put food on their families’ tables have not only felt empowered to be more self-sufficient, but they have also experienced the simple pride in being a contributing part of society.

Every working person makes a meaningful contribution to the overall economy, adding resources and revenue that benefit all of us.

Even apart from the financial end of it all, workers keep our businesses and institutions operational, making them viable parts of the community and enriching the lives of countless citizens.

These are often things we don’t immediately see, and thus they’re not always in the forefront of public thinking. They’re enormously significant nonetheless.

Hard work keeps the lights on and the water flowing.

Hard work keeps money in the bank.

Hard work pays family bills.

Hard work keeps stomachs satisfied.

Hard work pays the doctor and dentist.

Hard work yields taxes that keep our cities safe, our streets in good repair, and our schools open.

Hard work pays for college education.

Hard work enables charitable giving.

Hard work funds dreams.

If you’re part of America’s current workforce, you have a lot to be proud of. Despite a sinking economy, rising prices on nearly everything, and exorbitant tax rates that eat up way too much of our paychecks—it’s still a supreme blessing from our Creator to be able to put in a good day’s work and chart a firm course in life for ourselves and those we love.

We’re indebted also to those with the know-how and vision to start and successfully grow businesses that provide much-needed jobs to willing workers. These experts have contributed invaluably to many, many lives in a country where opportunities abound.

Celebrate the American dream this Monday—and one of the most indispensable components of that dream.

Celebrate labor.

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