Wrestlers of the Week



Name: Chase Martin

Grade: 6th Grade

G.P.A.: 3.6

Parents: Jeffery and Tabatha Martin

Record: 9-2 (3 Pins)

Quote: “When you’ve got something to prove, there is nothing greater than a challenge.”

Coach’s Comment: “Chase has really made the transition from Youth wrestling to Middle School. He is exciting to watch and ALWAYS works hard.”


Name: Ethan Asbury

Grade: Senior (Captain)

G.P.A.: 3.325

Parents: Scott and Tameran Asbury

Record: 17-3 (10 Pins)

Quote: “What hurts more: The pain of regret or the pain of hard work?”

Coach’s Comment: “Ethan works hard! End of story. That is why he is successful. It’s impressive to see how far he has grown in the sport of wrestling and he is not done yet. It’s been a fun year.”


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