Wrestlers of the Week


GEHS Wrestler of the Week

Josiah SolakNAME: Josiah Solak

GRADE: Junior

PARENTS: Mark and Cindy Solak

G.P.A.: 3.75

CITY: White Sulphur Springs

FAVORITE QUOTE: “No one knows what he can do until he tries!”

COACHES COMMENTS: Josiah started the season off on fire with a B.N.I. Championship.

After finishing 5th in the state last year, he made the commitment to be one of the best in West Virginia.

Well, with 3 pins in 3 matches, he’s off to a great start.


EGMS Wrestler of the Week

Jacob ThomasNAME: Jacob Thomas

GRADE: 8th. Grade

PARENTS: Billy and Amanda Thomas

G.P.A.: 3.50

CITY: Alderson

FAVORITE QUOTE: “Sometimes when you feel like giving up, remember that you have a lot of people to prove wrong.”

COACHES COMMENTS: Jacob won the Beckley ‘Wayne Bennett’ Duals Tournament. He was the Champion with

5 pins in 5 matches. WOW! He also helped the team win the Team Championship. Jacob is a leader by example.

Expect great results from this great person. He is Big-Time!