Winter Music Festival raises $16,000  


This year, the West Virginia Winter Music Festival (WVWMF) in Lewisburg raised $16,000 for the Musicians Emergency Relief Fund.

The group extends thanks to the musicians who donated their time and talents, the participating volunteer support staff, venues and sponsors, and attendees. The WVWMF also assists area schools and nonprofit groups dedicated to arts and education.

Founded in 2013, the WVWMF primarily grants financial and resource assistance to music industry professionals in the West Virginia area in times of need and emergency crisis. The mission of the festival is to lend a helping hand to musicians in need with a vision to further develop the music industry through education. This will be accomplished in several ways:

First, through raising money with the annual winter festival that can be used to aid a musician in financial need due to emergency situations. Monies will be distributed to those in need based on decisions made by the administrative officers and/or the advisory board.

Secondly, by aiding in the promotion of performances as often as possible. This will be accomplished by involving persons from all aspects of the music community.

Finally, the group will work with public and private schools and other various organizations to offer assistance for those in physical need, and assist with educational opportunities and needs of aspiring musicians.

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