Williamsburg residents discuss fate of school property


A crowd of about 40 people gathered on May 15 to discuss the future of the old Williamsburg Elementary School building and property.

There was a meeting on Monday, May 15, at the Williamsburg Community Building at 7 p.m. The meeting was conducted by the Community Action’s Williamsburg School Committee, co-chaired by William Zumpfe and Jack Goodman,  and was held to discuss potential uses for the school property.

About 40 people were in attendance.  Each person was asked to sign up if speaking, and all speakers were given two minutes each. The public was asked if they had any thoughts and ideas about how to raise funds for maintenance and upkeep on the school property.

There were three speakers:

No.1: Deb Sizemore, former alumni and town resident seeking support to somehow find the money to support the building fund, as the current costs to maintain the building are well over $300 a month. She offered to help with grant writing.

No. 2: Patricia McCoy Wickline, told us to think about converting the usage of the building into a reception hall for birthdays and or weddings/celebrations.

No. 3: Wayne Brown, spoke regarding a 501c4 program being offered by Western Greenbrier Business Development, under the name of Greenbrier Valley Products, Inc..  He stated local funds would be invested as a stock company to purchase the school property. They will offer local food processing and distribution of handcrafted furniture sales. They would be keeping the tennis courts, walking path, and the ball field and playground as well as the Thrift Store run by the Andrew Chapel United Methodist Church.

At the conclusion of the meeting the committee said they would make a decision on the results of the meeting. A decision must be made by Aug. 17 as to the disposition of the property.

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