Williamsburg CEOS July meeting

The Williamsburg CEOS Club met Tuesday, July 12, at the home of Loretta Shirley. Prior to the business meeting lunch was prepared and served by Loretta Shirley. Blessing of the meal was asked by Loretta Shirley. Virginia Hanna was honored with a birthday cake and gifts.
The meeting was called to order by Barbara Deeds, president and began with a devotion “Your Breakthrough is Coming” by Virginia Hanna with scripture from Proverbs 16:9. Minutes of the June meeting were read and approved, with no additions or corrections.
Members present were C.K. Perkins, Virginia Hanna, Loretta Shirley, Blanche Knicely, Laura Rose, Dorothy Hayes and Barbara Deeds. They reported 144 volunteer hours, 286 motivational hours and 25 books read. Treasurer’s report was given by Dorothy Hayes. Plans were made for attending the CEOS county picnic on July 19 at the Muddy Creek Community Center.
The lesson “How to Train Your Brain” was presented by Loretta Shirley. This was a very informative lesson that all can use. A timed word search game was played and the winner, C.K. Perkins, was given the prize for finding the most words.
Next month’s meeting will be held at the Williamsburg District Historical Museum. Club officers will be elected and projects and objectives for 2017 planned. Lunch will be potluck brought my members.
The club would welcome new members, if anyone is interested in joining or wants information about Community Educational Outreach Service, they may contact any of the members or Kay Davis at the WVU Extension Office in Fairlea.

Virginia Hanna COES meeting bw

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