Williamsburg CEOS discover Famous Trees of WV

The Williamsburg CEOS Club discovered Famous Trees of West Virginia during their Oct. 13 meeting held at the Williamsburg Historical Foundation Museum.

Burl Post shared how trees are famous not just for their size (such as the Mingo Oak) but also for their uniqueness (such as the Bald Cypress in Weston) and their part in making history (such as the Pringle Tree, Buckhannon and the Washington Elm, Berkeley Springs). The lesson was written my Mike Hall, WVU Extension Agent, Webster County.  This lesson and many others are available through your local county WVU Extension Service or online at, community, business and safety, and CEOS members materials.

Lessons for the 2021 year were chosen by members at this meeting to be presented at their monthly meetings.

Members also learned about recycling plastic bags into wreaths and making “plarn” (yarn made of the bags) from Family Chairperson, Patty Post.

Those participating in the meeting were Barbara Deeds, Blanche Knicely, Cassandria Perkins, Burl and Patty Post, Laura Rose, and Loretta Shirley.

The next club meeting is scheduled for Nov. 10. If interested in participating Contact Andi Hoover, Extension Agent, at the WVU/Greenbrier County Extension Office at 304-647-7408 for more information.


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