Williamsburg CEOS club members learn about Irish and Scottish influences on Appalachia

The Sept. 17 meeting of the Williamsburg Community Educational Outreach Service (CEOS) Club was called to order by President Cassandria Perkins at the Williamsburg District Historical Foundation. Roll call was answered with 112 motivation hours, 197 volunteer hours and 28 books read by members Loretta Shirley, Shela McComsey, Barbara Deeds, Cassandria Perkins, Blanche Knicely, Fran Sigrist and Dorothy Hayes, and guests Inez McMillion and Laura Sevy from RSVP.
Devotions were given by Fran Sigrist from Matthew 22:37-40. The blessing was given by Dorothy Hayes, and everybody enjoyed all the different covered dishes. The minutes were read and the treasurer’s report was given. The monthly donation of non-perishable items to be given to Wellspring was collected. Laura Sevy presented a certificate to Cassandria Perkins in honor of all the volunteer hours she has done. Certificates were also presented to several members by Laura.
It was decided that, beginning next year, our meetings will be held at the Williamsburg District Historical Foundation building. Also, there was discussion on the reports to be submitted on our club’s activities during the year. Cassandria gave a report on the Fall Leadership day. The Williamsburg club had seven members attending.
Shela McComsey presented the lesson, “Irish and Scottish Influences on Appalachia,” to the members. All members present stated that they had Celtic ancestry in their family tree. The most obvious influences on West Virginia are the rolling hills and secluded mountains; music and dance; and quilting. Swatches of tartan material and jewelry were shared and several members knew what Scottish clan they belonged to.
The next meeting of the Williamsburg CEOS club will be held on Tuesday, Oct. 15, at the home of Barbara Deeds. If you would like to become a member of the CEOS, please contact the West Virginia University Extension Service at 304-647-7408, or any of the above members.

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