West wins running away


By Mark Robinson

(Photo by Mark Robinson) Sarah Krystynak, #14, pulls a rebound out of a sea of hands during a game between Greenbrier West and Liberty-Raleigh, played in Charmco Tuesday evening, Jan. 24. West won, 50-9.

Liberty-Raleigh High School’s girlsbasketball team travelled to Charmco Tuesday evening to play Greenbrier West. The Cavaliers defeated the visitors 50-9, in a game marked by repeated turnovers and steals, resulting in fast break points for the victors.

At halftime Liberty only had two points, so the seven point production in the second half was a definite improvement. Kenley Posten led West with 11 points.

Denise Arline, Liberty’s head coach, said, “We played hard. We have two players who are injured, who add a lot to the team. These kids had good attitudes, and didn’t give up, so I’m proud of them.”

Jeff Thomas, West’s coach, said “We knew they were down and injured a little bit. They’re better than they played. So we didn’t want to get mean. I’ve been there on both sides of the ball before and I don’t like it, those bad losses. I told the girls, I said win or lose, you got to have respect. If you don’t respect what the other kids have, it doesn’t mean enough to you … our kids are up and down so much. We’re winning more than we have the last few years, but we’re not consistent. We need to be consistent to compete with the better teams. We’re 11-4, that’s pretty good for us, but if we don’t start jelling and shooting better, it’ll look ugly in the playoffs.”

Liberty Raleigh High School has about 650 students, and is located in Glen Daniel.

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