West Virginia health information management company growing

Gary Osborne and Darrell Osborne stand in front of newly-installed shelving at EvriChart’s Low Moor facility.
Gary Osborne and Darrell Osborne stand in front of newly-installed shelving at EvriChart’s Low Moor facility.
EvriChart, a health information management company serving medical facilities nationwide and headquartered in White Sulphur Springs, recently expanded operations to a new facility in Low Moor, VA. The expansion will accommodate its growing medical records storage business.

The recent move required building 143 units of 3-level steel shelving with second and third level walkways as well as 15 smaller sections. At the same time, thousands of files were being moved into the new space. EvriChart didn’t trust the protected health information in their care to just anyone, so the project was completed after-hours by a small crew of in-house employees who were still responsible for their day-to-day work during normal business hours.

As EvriChart’s President, Robert Lynch, explained, “Constructing these massive shelving units while at the same time moving thousands upon thousands of boxes into the space is no small feat. That our employees continued to provide excellent service to our customers throughout the project was outstanding. Our Operations Manager Gary Osborne is responsible for the resounding success of this project.”

The entire project was completed in six weeks of evening and weekend work by a crew of four, led by Osborne and his affectionately nicknamed “Super Crew” of Darrell Osborne, Jake Perkins and Jeffery Boggs.

Osborne added, “It was exhausting work, 75,000 square feet of work, to be exact. I didn’t think it was possible at the beginning of this project. I’m really proud of what my crew was able to accomplish in such a short amount of time.”

John King, chief operating officer, said, “You know, Gary does his job quietly, so people don’t notice what he’s doing. He manages 25 unique personalities and he gets the job done, no matter what it is, every single day. Gary makes it rain here at EvriChart.”

Standing beside an expanse of shelving that will soon be full, Osborne just laughs, “I think we need a giraffe in here for scale.”

EvriChart continues to position itself to lead the market with customized service and flexible, secure applications for health information management. For more information on EvriChart, visit www.evrichart.com.





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