Watershed Exploration Trophy winners announced


Mountain View School Winners Bentley Falls, Mya Dunlap and Lydia Jackson

The Watershed Exploration Project for second graders in Monroe County concluded with  awards assemblies held at both Mountain View School and Peterstown Elementary  School shortly before the close of the school year.  Sponsors for the 2016-2017 year were from Step 7 monies for copying of project books, contest copies, and a few supplies, as well as The Bank of Monroe for student supplies (pencils, crayons, pencil bags and student hands-on activity supplies). This program was created and implemented  by Friends of THE Second Creek, Inc. The program helps boys and girls become more aware of the watersheds in which they live, the importance of karst, and many of the living plants and creatures that co-exist within the watersheds of Monroe County.

Four coloring contest were presented to students in all classes second semester. Each class contest was judged and ribbons with appropriate ribbons attached to the top four entries. Each child that participated received “participation recognition.” Points were tallied for all four contests. Top county winners received a trophy with participant information attached.

Peterstown Elementary winner Danni Dunbar

County winners for the coloring contests were: 1st place – blue ribbon – Rileigh Jackson PES; 2nd place – tie for red ribbon – Mya Dunlap – MVS and  Grayson Dowdy  PES;  3rd place – tie for white ribbon – Jade Amos PES and  Emma Weikle PES; 4th place – tie for yellow ribbon – Seanna Huey MVS and Maliko Brewer PES; honorable mention – a three-way tie for green ribbon – Lilian Latham MVS, Danni Dunbar PES and Jaimie Little PES.

Project books were judged according to the standard for 4-H projects. Any second grader that completed the WEP and will be 9 years of age by the end of September is eligible to attend Monroe County 4-H Camp. County winners receiving trophies were: 1st place – Lydia Jackson MVS; 2nd  place – Lilian Latham MVS; 3rd place – Kris Halstead PES; 4th place – Kegan Sablack MVS; and 5th place Bentley Falls MVS.

Coloring contests points and book scores were combined revealing the top Monroe County Watershed Exploration Program Winners. These students received trophies for their excellent work throughout this project. 2016-2017 winners are as follows: 1st place – Lilian Latham MVS; 2nd place – Mya Dunlap MVS; 3rd place – Lydia Jackson MVS; 4th place – Bentley Falls MVS; and honorable mention – Danni Dunbar PES.

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