Watching our foreign policy


Dear Editor:

Once you get into the habit of watching a nation’s foreign policy, such as ours, you begin to realize that it is a lot like watching a fellow walk across a recently plowed muddy field hoping he doesn’t lose his balance. We are faced with circumstances, in the Ukraine, which all agree is a repeat of the German aggression during the 1930’s and what should be done to influence the Russian government towards a more moderate policy. Yet, this writer has not heard anything at all about the consequences the entire world felt when there were similar tactics used to stay the advances of Japan.

Even further, when this nation has expended so many lives in the efforts of “one person, one vote (including women)” that has resulted in prospective voters still dodging bullets and jumping over bodies just to get to the polls. Often the result being like Egypt’s populace taking to the streets when they felt they had voted for the wrong person. The recent views of the Ukraine election could be compared with the activity at Lewisburg Elementary on election day. Of course, considering the results, our national response has been “not good enough.”

Compare all of this to riding in an MTA bus taking a shortcut through the fairgrounds, when for some reason the vehicle leaves the road and is headed directly towards the livestock at an ever increasing speed, the driver turns to the passengers and yells “Somebody take the wheel.” Today, that is where we find ourselves.

Jack D. Ballard