Subscribe provides unbiased candidate info

Dear Editor:

Most of us strive to be good citizens and vote responsibly in the interest of the common good. But in today’s world, unbiased, factual information about the candidates is harder than ever to find. And finding it can be a huge commitment in time. Take heart. There is a valuable trustworthy resource available for free to enable us to be informed voters.

With you can find everything you need to know about candidates and elected officials all in one place with no partisan spin. Vote Smart never takes a stance on partisan issues, accepts no funding from special interests and requires every new board member to join the organization with a political opposite.

At, simply type in a candidate’s name and you can find biographical details, financial backers, special interest group ratings, public statements and speeches, voting records and positions on the most important issues facing us today. There is also a “Bull” symbol that identifies public statements that have been proven untrue by reputable fact checking organizations. Type in your Zip Code and the listing of all the people currently holding or running for office in your area will be displayed. Alternatively, you can call the Vote Smart Research Hotline at 1-888-868-3762 and a volunteer researcher will help you get the information you are looking for.

The upcoming 2020 elections will decide the direction for our state and nation for years to come. Much is at stake. The truth matters. Facts matter. I sincerely hope that your readers will turn to to become informed voters.

Elizabeth Clark



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