Via Airlines’ progress update


Greenbrier Valley Airport Manager Stephen Snyder offered an update on the performance of Via Airlines at a special meeting of the Greenbrier County Airport Authority on Tuesday, calling their performance nearly 100 percent and mostly on time.

“This makes me feel somewhat optimistic,” Snyder said. Although, he did say he was still concerned at learning that the airline has committed to servicing six new cities, and that jets on reserve for the Lewisburg and Shenandoah airports are being flown elsewhere. Snyder said he was not yet sure when Via will have passenger ticket and baggage service in place at the airport. A possible date, he said, is Apr. 25. “We will see how it goes,” he concluded.

An emailed update from Matthew Macri, vice president of operations for Via Airlines, validated Snyder’s estimation of Via’s progress.

“We are still maintaining 100 percent completion,” Macri said. “Our operational spare aircraft has been utilized a few times to ensure schedule integrity. We did have a maintenance issue on Friday evening (Mar. 31) which required the reposition of the spare on Saturday – this did result in an hour and fifteen minute delay of the first flight.” Macri also thanked the staff at Greenbrier Valley Airport, stating, “They have been, and will continue to be, instrumental to our return to success for your community.”

Via Airlines will host their second community meeting at the Greenbrier Valley Visitors Center on Thursday, Apr. 13 at 2 p.m. in the Rahall Room. This is a follow up to the Mar. 9 meeting as promised by Macri.

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