Vandalism, destruction of property ignored

Dear Editor:

I wish to express my views and opinions regarding the subject of local criminals of the multiple kind, i.e., the manufacture, sale and addiction of moonshine, methamphetamine, marijuana as well as addiction and sale of prescription narcotics, i.e. morphine, oxycodone, etc. in addition to robbery, vandalism, (destruction of personal property) and theft of personal property.

My family estate in the Rainelle WV area was entered into a barter agreement. That is to say, rent and utilities were to be exchanged for home repairs and maintenance (installation of new roof and property maintenance, including minor house repairs and grounds-keeping, including lawn-mowing and weed-eating.

The entire property which had been lovingly erected and impeccably maintained from the ground up with two dwellings (one double wide, one frame built) was utterly and completely destroyed in a matter of less than two years. The roof was not only incomplete but two gaping holes were left which led to major structural damage. Not only was nothing maintained, every possible area of the estate was abused to the point that water pipes were ruptured from the lack of heat, gutters were left hanging, leaks throughout both homes were left unattended which led to major damage. Additionally, the electric utility equipment was tampered with so as to obtain free power. A moonshine still was erected and left in the attached garage along with countless syringes from drug injections, countless morphine prescription bottles left throughout one house, countless marijuana plants, and bottles of Draino as evidence of the manufacture of methamphetamine. Numerous items were damaged. A new gas generator was completely dismantled and ruined as well as a new riding lawn mower left outdoors in the middle of the field. Countless rifles were stolen as well as a full table service of Lenox china worth $1,000. All furniture and beds were totally destroyed in addition to a mountain of garbage inside and out.

A dog was locked up inside the double wide for nearly a week with its waste and window treatment destruction as it tried to escape from lack of food and water. The two homes are a mere 85 ft. apart.

This person and his girlfriend have permanently scarred my family and me. Both have family in Rainelle and the surrounding areas of Greenbrier and Nicholas counties. Records indicate they were previously arrested in Rainelle for suspicion of the manufacture of methamphetamine at which time their young baby was placed into CPS.

Nothing is ever improved regarding the subject of local criminals, i.e. robbery, vandalism, destruction of property and the usage and sale of drugs. There’s a revolving door with the type of crime for which I speak as it relates to the courts. My cousin, a Rainelle resident, watches drug people visit throughout the night across from his home with not one police agent present, ever. This criminal and numerous others are virtually free to prey upon and victimize society at large.

Jackke Friend


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