Do Unicorns Live in Fairy Tales?

Young writer story

1st-2nd Grade: ‘Do Unicorns Live in Fairy Tales?’ by Katelyn Heaster, Rupert Elementary, teacher Ann Foley

By Katelyn Heaster

One morning I awoke to find myself in a strange, new world. I was surrounded by unicorns. Rainbows were everywhere. Butterflies flew among brightly colored flowers. Everywhere you looked there were apple trees and gigantic trees with orange blossoms. This new world was beautiful. I was happy to be here.

Suddenly, in the distance a huge turquoise and periwinkle monster appeared. I was afraid. All the unicorns hid, but I didn’t know where to hide. The unicorns had magic stones to help them fly, so they flew away. One of the brave unicorns stayed right by my side to protect me. The monster growled and charged at us. But the unicorn poked it with his horn. The monster ran away!

The other unicorns cheered and came out of hiding. The brave unicorn who saved me, said he would take me home. I woke up in my own bed. I thought it had only been a dream until I saw that the unicorn that had taken me home had left its magical stone behind. I wrote a note on a paper airplane and flew it out my window, so the unicorn would know I had his stone. Seconds later, a paper airplane flew through my window. The unicorn said I could keep the stone to remind me of how he had saved my life.