Two seasonal art shows make a home in the Visitors Center for October

Greenbrier Valley Visitors Center gets into the fall “spirit” with two art shows for October. Gypsy Wings and Witchy Things highlights the enchanting works of Susanna Robinson and Celebrating the Ginkgo Tree is October’s Art in the Valley display.
The exhibit of Gypsy Wings and Witchy Things includes several lavish collage prints and full-length, witch-inspired costumes along with their fantastically adorned pointy hats. For her unique creations, Ms. Robinson was inspired by lush fabrics, the moonlight and the endless possibilities contained within other worlds.
The Greenbrier Artists were inspired by the local Ginkgo tree, located on the lawn of Academy Park, for their collection, Celebrating the Ginkgo Tree. Each fall residents anxiously wait for the Ginkgo’s leaves to turn yellow. When a Ginkgo tree loses its leaves, it does so all at once and this “rain of leaves” is a must see event.
The Visitors Center began the Art in the Valley project as a way to provide local artists with an exhibition space. Each month the Visitors Center showcases a different artist or collections of artists. Art in the Valley is free and open to the public.
For more information about the Greenbrier Valley Visitors Center activities, please contact Kristi Godby, media relations manager, at or call 304-645-1000.


A costume from Gypsy Wings and Witchy Things
A costume from Gypsy Wings and Witchy Things

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