Two Chrysanthemum Papers


Dear Editor:

THE FIRST – During the early 1900’s reports were coming in from areas around the US-Mexican border to the South of strange coincidences, some even including sightings of little men, in the vast and desolate American Desert. Finding their way to Washington, DC and as there was no established destination, eventually ended up at Ft. McNair, headquarters of the US Army and were filed with no review of the information they included. It was some time before someone connected the earlier going aground of the Japanese warship “Asama” in the lower bay of California waters had some connection with those later reports, having been investigated and determined that “the little men” were actually Japanese troops entering the US from Mexico on a forced march across the desert even leaving markings on rocks for those who were to follow. Later, it was learned that the Japanese in exchange for the cooperation of the Mexican government, in these practice invasion exercises, promised the return of lands annexed by the US that had originally been part of Mexico.

THE SECOND – Harry Reasoner a long time reporter for the CBS Network, was told by his superiors he had to undertake a last minute assignment to cover the 1964 Tokyo Olympics. This last minute work meant that he would be responsible to find living accommodations in a city that had been booked solid for over a year in anticipation of the event, His experience said, ask a cab driver, perhaps he can help for a big tip. The driver was hesitant but he explained that there was one possibility in that in Japan there was an institution called a “love” hotel intended for short time use and if Reasoner could just go in, register, go to his room, he would be all right, problem solved.

As it worked out as the driver had explained, he found himself in a very pleasant accommodation with spotless bathroom, lots of towels, hot water, sweet smelling soaps and after taking advantage of these comforts certainly needed after his long flight decided that before reporting in, a nap would be in order. Not knowing exactly how long he had been dozing, there was a loud knocking on his door and a loud voice with a Japanese accent yelling, “I am the house detective and you must leave as you have NO woman in your room

Jack Ballard