Two artists featured in April’s Art in the Valley

Photographs capturing the beauty of the Greenbrier Valley and an assortment of various paintings are the April’s Art in the Valley exhibit at the Greenbrier Valley Visitors Center.

The two shows, “West Virginia Through My Camera” and “Aberration” will open at 5 p.m., Apr. 7, during First Fridays After Five.

Photographer Nima ShahabShahmir focuses on capturing the beauty of Greenbrier, Pocahontas and Fayette counties through his show, “West Virginia Through My Camera.”

“The state of West Virginia and its magnificent scenery throughout the seasons acts as a constant element of motivation for photographers like me to go out on mysterious adventures, to ‘explore and create’ images that show its true beauty,” ShahabShahmir explained. Behind the lens, he works with digital photography, digital media collages and film photography.

Truman Shrewsbury’s “Aberration” is a collection of paintings using oils, charcoals, watercolors, acrylics and more. Shrewsbury developed an interest in shapes, sizes, colors and how they come together to create images and perspectives while attending vocational school.

The Greenbrier Valley Visitors Center began the Art in the Valley exhibit in 2014 as a way to highlight local artists. Each month the gallery space features a new artist, with an opening during First Fridays After Five. For more information about Art in the Valley or the Greenbrier Valley Visitors Center, contact 304-645-1000 or

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