Tuckwiller announces run for Greenbrier County Commission

Brad Tuckwiller USE WITH CANDIDATE ARTICLE NOT JAIL ARTICLEBrad Tuckwiller is pleased to announce his candidacy for return to the Greenbrier County Commission after serving 2005–2010. Tuckwiller holds a Bachelor of Science degree from West Virginia University in Business Administration – Finance and completed the Stonier Graduate School of Banking in 1983. Here are more personal details:

• Two children (Leah and Kinder) and a half (Elizabeth)

• First Job – delivering flowers for Lewisburg Floral

• Government accomplishments (shared credit) of which he is proud:

– Contracting Humane Society to operate the Animal Shelter

– Implementing County Building Code and inspections

– Meadow River Rail Trail

– Favorite Bands – Bruce, Dave Mathews, Dawes

• Quote I keep on my reminder list – “Change happens when the cost of the status quo is greater than the risk of change.” —Alan Webber

• Government disappointments:

– Defeat of 2010 Comprehensive Plan

– Resignations and firings of the good employees hired 2005-2008.

– Failure of public/private partnership attempt for a Rec Center in Fairlea

• Favorite Movie – “Shawshank Redemption”

• Management style – Hire good people, provide them proper tools and let them do their job. Support them but make them accountable.

• Phrase I dislike hearing – “This is how we’ve always done it.”

• Personal disappointment – Divorce

• Things I’d like to help happen:

– Enhance the County’s tourism offerings to increase employment

– More treatment opportunities for addiction

– Get the swimming pool debacle settled

• Comments on local government:

– County government should build upon strengths; we can’t expect to build it just anywhere and they (businesses, tourists, residents) will come.

– It’s okay to disagree within the County Commission when the reasoning for opposing views is not simply stubbornness or revenge.

• Current job(s) – Real estate broker, consultant to Charleston-based company offering surety bonds and investment management.


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