Trillium supports ‘Dancing Alive’ at Greenbrier East High School

Greenbrier East students learn social dances from Ross Weisiger and Beth White

Trillium recently awarded $1,000 from the Preston Fund to “Dancing Alive” taught by Ross Weisiger and Beth White.

“Dancing Alive” is a 10-class unit of practical dancing and related history offered to physical education classes at Greenbrier East High School. The program teaches and exposes students to a variety of heritage and community dances that they may encounter at parties, weddings, and other social events so that they will enjoy dancing themselves and keep dancing alive for the next generation.

About five to 10 minutes of each class is taken to present the history and development of the dances taught. Emphasis is placed on the Appalachian Square dancing history. Weisiger and White first demonstrate the dances, then teach the basic steps beginning at a slow speed. By the end of a class the students are dancing up to speed. For the couple dancing, Weisiger and White dance with the students individually to give the proper feel of the dance. Skills of rhythm, timing and balance are learned throughout as well as leading and turning in the couple dancing.

The dance classes include line dancing, square dancing, Virginia Reel, western barn dance, Texas two step, waltz, swing and folk dancing.

Greenbrier East students learn social dances from Ross Weisiger and Beth White

Generous donations from the public and private donors allow Trillium to continue to offer programs like “Dancing Alive” to local students. If you are interested in donating, please visit the

Trillium website at or call our office at 304-645-3003 to discover the various ways you can ensure that the legacy of dance in southern West Virginia continues.

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