Tomblin urges passage of federal miners protection act

On Monday, Gov. Earl Ray Tomblin this week issued the following statement urging congressional passage of the Miners Protection Act, legislation supported by U.S. Senators Joe Manchin and Shelley Moore Capito that would protect health care benefits for retired coal miners and their families:
“For decades, West Virginia’s coal miners have given tirelessly of themselves to power our nation, lift up our economy and support their families. Today, we stand at an important juncture in the test of our support for them. With health care benefits set to expire by year’s end for thousands of retired miners, I encourage Congress to act swiftly in passing the Miners Protection Act. Here in the Mountain State, we know that a promise made should be a promise kept. I stand with Senator Manchin and Senator Capito in their work to keep a critical promise to our coal miners through passage of this legislation.”


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