The Sunflower Tradition continues, 2020 Largest Sunflower Winner announced

If you were a student at Lewisburg Elementary School in 1959 or later, you may remember Sunflower Day! Were you in Mrs. Scarborough’s second grade class in 1975? Then, you were in the class who won the nature book for the most entries and you probably had to write a letter. One, written by Michelle Dyche, was saved.

Lucas Schmidt with his 50 1/4” Sunflower – Ronceverte Elementary School Winner

The Lewisburg House and Garden Club has sponsored this event for over 60 years and the pandemic could not stop the club from trying this year. With the help of the faculty and staff at Lewisburg Elementary School and Ronceverte Elementary School, the seeds were distributed in the spring for parents to pick up when collecting books or lunches. Most importantly, the children responded and grew the sunflowers this summer. In September, faculty members graciously helped again to fulfill the second part of the project by measuring the circumference of every sunflower. The largest sunflowers were grown by Lucas Schmidt of Ronceverte Elementary and Ben Thomas of Lewisburg Elementary, both sunflowers over 50 inches and full with seeds! Lewisburg House and Garden Club provided every participant with a conservation certificate and $1. The grand prize winners also received $25 and a “Birds of West Virginia” book.

So, a long tradition continues in spite of COVID-19. Children have grown something beautiful and beneficial from seed, they will feed the birds this winter and then look forward to planting seeds again in the spring. It’s still a wonderful world.

This year, the Lewisburg House & Garden Club is thrilled to announce Lucas Schmidt as Ronceverte Elementary School’s Largest Sunflower Contest Winner.

Lucas is a 3rd grader in Mrs. Baker’s class and raised an impressive 50 1/4” sunflower.  Lucas received the grand prize of “Birds of West Virginia” book and $25.

The following students also grew sunflowers and each received $1 and a conservation certificate for their participation:

  • Ms. Jones’ Kindergarten class, Ryker Bradley (7.1”), Presley Cline ( 36.1”), Grace Hill (40.8”).
  • Ms. Ridpath’s 1st grade, Quinn Wolfe (34.5”).
  • Ms. Elmore’s 2nd grade, Tydus Carter (38.5”), Kalea Rodoussakis (29.8”).
  • Ms. Baker’s class Woodson Blankenship (27.4”), Lily Rose (28.3”).
  • Ms. Byers’ 5th grade, Mason Miller (18.8”)


Michelle Dyche of Mrs. Scarborough’s second grade class in 1975 wrote this letter