Thankful to be part of exceptional community

Dear Editor:

As the Thanksgiving holiday approaches, I was thinking about all of the blessings in my life and realized that among the many reasons that I am grateful this year, I am especially thankful to be a part of such an exceptional community. Over the fourteen years that I have lived in the Greenbrier Valley, I have been continuously impressed by the way that the residents of this area all work to ensure that the Greenbrier Valley maintains a beautiful, healthy and cultural environment. We are truly fortunate to have a wealth of caring, talented and diligent individuals who work to improve our quality of life. In my current position with the Greenbrier Valley Community Foundation, I have been able to travel throughout Greenbrier, Monroe and Pocahontas counties, and every new person I meet, adds to my appreciation for this area.  I would like to say “thank you,” to my fellow citizens. I truly value your hard work and compassion.

Courtney Smith

Executive Director

Greenbrier Valley Community Foundation

Resident of Caldwell

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