Thank you, Miss Mansheim

Dear Editor:

After reading last week’s “Friars Hill Traffic Report” I was so impressed with a little third grader that I felt I needed to express my amazement. She was surely a good sport. After shedding a few tears of disappointment over not winning the Miss Autumnfest pageant, she splashed her face with cold water and went back, with a smile, to congratulate the winners. She also started training to run in a race the following week as well as making the statement that she had two more years to enter the Miss Autumnfest pageant and that she was going to get a trophy. Wow!

In my opinion, with that attitude, her persistence and determination she could put even adults to shame.

She may not have won a crown, trophy or ribbon this year but in my book she is definitely a WINNER – BIG TIME!

Thank you, little Miss Mansheim, for inspiring me.

Janet Quick



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