Thank you from citizens of White Sulphur Springs

Dear Editor:
The City of White Sulphur Springs experienced a devastating flood on June 23, 2016. Many of our citizens were left without homes and eight residents of White Sulphur Springs lost their lives.
We, The City of White Sulphur Springs, would like to thank the many volunteers who assisted in so many ways. During our time of uncertainty, Mr. Jim Justice opened The Greenbrier Hotel to our citizens who were in need of temporary housing. We saw the birth of “Neighbors Helping Neighbors” which have been assisting in the rebuilding of White Sulphur Springs.
Hope Village was created by Tom Crabtree, The City of White Sulphur Springs, and others to provide permanent residential homes for our citizens, who wanted and needed permanent housing.
Samaratan’s Purse, Christ In Action, and Minninite Disaster Service, along with many other groups played a huge part in helping our city and citizens get back on our feet. The Greenbrier Sports Center, United Methodist Church, WSS Civic Center, Old White Motors, St. Charles Catholic Church, St. Thomas Episcopal Church, and the old Family Dollar Store provided distribution sites.
The City of White Sulphur Springs extends a sincere Thank You To All. May God bless you all for your expressions of love. We pray that The City of White Sulphur Springs will prosper and successfully rebuild.
Mayor Lloyd Haynes
and all WSS City Employees

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