Tennis Season Starting at East

(Photo by Mark Robinson)
Emily McElwain returns a tennis ball during practice, Monday, at GEHS. Twelve girls are on the team as it enters the 2017 season.

Girls’ tennis coach Norman Ahern has 12 girls coming out for the tennis
team at Greenbrier East.

Day one was Monday, Feb. 27.

Five matches are scheduled to happen at East over the next three months, and Ahern
hopes to schedule a couple more. The first match is March 25, at Riverside High School, near Charleston. The team consists of three seniors, two juniors, two sophomores, and five freshmen. The fi rst day was proceeding with drills to show skills like footwork and ball  placement. The wind was chilly, and the girls were encouraged to get used to it, as the first part of the season certainly occurs in a month that can see cold air circulating.

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