Tell a big enough lie, continued

Dear Editor:
Mr. Zafros, you seem to be an ardent follower of Joseph Goebbels. You have written and have had published many letters following the lying technique of the Reich Minister of Propaganda in Nazi Germany from 1933 to 1945. He seldom, if ever, used references, like you, to make it very difficult to confirm or deny written words. As HRC infamously hollered at Congress, “at this time what difference does it make.” Well, let’s see.
1. Jobs. On 17 Feb. 2010, Catherine Richert wrote in the USA Today, newspaper quoting V Pres. Biden who wrote “in the three months before the Oct (recovery) Act took effect, America lost 750,000 jobs a month. In the last three months, we’ve lost about 35,000 jobs a month.” Congressman Xaver Becerra, first elected to Congress in 1993 from California, stated on Fox News this week that “during the last 6 years or so, the Obama administration had created 15,000,000 jobs,” that’s about 208,333 jobs per month. That concurs with the CBO figure of 206,000 jobs created per month.Your crowing claim “That’s a net change of one million jobs a month. A Million!” You get an “A”+ By Mr. Goebbels standards, but by my standards you get an“F”. The real net monthly change is approximately 243,000 per month. A real big 750,000 deduction from your lying numbers, that’s three quarters of a million less. If you include the average number of weekly first time applications for unemployment benefits of 269,000. (Dept. of Labor), or 83,928, 000 million applications over the same 6 years. That is almost one application for every citizen who has dropped out of the labor force. It’s a shame that you are crowing how great it is when 5 citizens are applying for unemployment for every job created over the last 6 years.
2. Budget Deficit. Mr. Zafros, you cannot read, Liberal Arts Major in college? In my last article, I wrote “Granted some of this $1.4 trillion was from President Bush’s administration, but some was from President Obama’s.” That dictates fiscal year, how else do two Presidents share a budget. Then I wrote, “President Obama’s 2010 budget (first full budget) deficit was slightly less than $1.3 billion.” That is almost the same as the shared budget year of FY 2009. Using the FY 2009 $1.4 trillion budget deficit, and adding it to the $5.8 trillion National Debt at the end of FY2008 and assigning all to Pres. Bush, the total national debt would be $7.2 trillion at the end of Pres. Bush’s administration. That still makes Pres. Obama totally responsible for $12+ trillion dollars of new debt that the working men and women of this country will have to pay. Now, Mr. Trump and the CBO agree that the United States has an annual trade deficit of $400 billion with China, A $50 billion trade deficit with Mexico, and a $130 billion trade deficit with Japan. When fair as well as free trade is applied to all our trading partners and the trading balance is about equal, over the politicians 10 year budget plan, Mr. Trump will save the United States $5.8 trillion. Mr. Trump’s plan to optimize energy production will provide addition savings in trade, millions of jobs, and trillions in energy exports. Mr. Zafros, you cannot change the data that goes into the CBO figures by using another lie about adding Social Security dollars.
3. Benghazi. Who in the hell is talking about committee reports, we are talking about who failed to make a decision to cover the backs for four dead Americans. Three of these Benghazi Americans disobeyed an order to stand down, and went on their own, to help the American Ambassador. The American fighting men and women have always had their backs covered, as I had during two tours in Vietnam. HRC failed to cover the backs of 4 Americans at Benghazi by not sending help, and Pres. Obama failed to send help, and help was available, as I said before “Only God can predict when a battle will end…” Only two people have the power and authority to say no (Frank Tuckwiller), and one or both said no. Further, I can find no reference where the Secretary of State or the Pres. of the United States demanded more money for security at Benghazi, Please help me find your data that says otherwise. HRC had a practice drill for the 0300 call that required immediate action, and she failed totally. Period.
4. Foreign Policy. It appears you have been guessing all the time. Yes I watch Fox News, and MSNBC ( who’s morning news is much more balanced than Rachel (who is radical) during the evening), and CNN which mostly asks negative response questions and is much more leftist than John Harwood of CNBC who has never uttered a negative statement about a progressive leftist without following with a negative statement about a Republican. On Iraq, you wish I did not know anything about it. Pres. Obama and V. Pres. Biden both stated Iraq was a stable democracy, failed to negotiate for US forces to be left behind, declared victory and left ISIS to grow and prosper. Also the Iraq army was not disbanded, it was provided an Officer Corps qualified only by their political beliefs and political skills. You state the Iraq army was disbanded, but not by who. Bush was out of office which only leaves Secretary Clinton or President Bush. A good guess is the same twosome who decided to attack Libya and then leave that country to ISIS. Or the same twosome who refused to create Safe Zones for the Syrian refugees forcing them into Europe and inviting them into the United States. Mr. Zafros, what percentage of the refugees going into Europe and the United States are ISIS Warriors. But then if you knew, you would lie about that also.
5. Coal. You say West Virginia is your home and you want good things for West Virginia, but you do not know much about West Virginia. You also don’t know enough about HRC to not tell lies about her statements and her follow-up statements on Coal Companies and Coal Miners or the financial well-being of West Virginians. She bluntly crowed that she would put coal companies out of business and coal miners out of jobs, the same promise made and accomplished by Pres. Obama. Then she said she would provide schools to retrain them for new jobs. Well this is nice but, what about the lost value of their homes, what about the lost value of their repossessed vehicles, what about the loss of friends and neighbors, you know, 8,000 to 10,000 miners who lost their jobs is a loss of about 8 to 10 million dollars per week in southern West Virginia. Coal is slowly being replaced by Natural Gas, Yes. But, Pres. Obama’s campaign pledge to bankrupt the Coal Industry was effectively accomplished in 12 months. No time for planning, no time for learning of new skills, no time to understand the bankruptcy that is sure to follow for miners, their families, the businesses they patronize, the teachers who provide their education, the city and county employees who provide essential services. Yes wind energy is growing, but do you want to bet your total wealth that it can provide 10% of Wyoming’s energy requirement without the help of fossil fuels by the time you leave this world?
6. Congratulations. You have in-deed shown that you are an accomplished disciple of Joesph Goebbels and his skill at telling lies, while convincing yourself that all you say is believed.
Frank Tuckwiller


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