Taxpayers pay for it all

Dear Editor:

A few readers may recall a letter from Mr. Greg Zafros making references to the Republican Party and their part in what is known as the Affordable Care Act (Obama Care). He is no doubt accurate in stating his personal beliefs as to how it all came about and the hidden influences from the behind the scenes. However, there maybe more involved than the personalities and their influences named in the letter. In this day and age, to be a loyal Republican is a lot like being a fan of the NY Mets, you have to be able to accept disappointment in being able to complete what you set out to do. The Democrat Party, on the other hand, is the great achiever having adopted the main objective of putting the needs of all within their reach and within their means. Their means not being sufficient, the balance, if not all, is paid by those determined to have more than they really need after they have paid their bills in full.

As usual something seems to have been forgotten in our old friend, Social Security and the new program on the block, the Affordable Care Act. Social Security was introduced and continues to be, within itself, self-supporting. It actually has a surplus in government funds available, at least on the books, until President Johnson started moving funds out and replacing them with IOU’s. ACA is supposed to operate on the same basis, self-supporting. The rub is, failing that, guess who gets to pick up the bill? Any wonder why the middle class is vanishing. Drat those Republicans! Wonder how did they get so clever as to place responsibility for these programs on the Democrat party. Of course, the latest challenge is the thousands of immigrant children who have suddenly been crossing the borders of Texas and New Mexico border from all points south, including Latin America. Where to put them? Guess they came in under the fence and no one saw them. Is anyone paying attention?

The old time Democrat has left the building and has been replaced by those of the “second chance” crowd, who have failed to heed the words of their patriarch, Alfred E. Smith, “Let’s look at the record.” (He didn’t blame the Republicans.)

There is yet another side of this discussion, in that many West Virginians have begun to drift from the tradition gathering under one particular political party banner as they did for so many years, as a reflection in their belief that the values of yesteryear are not reflected in today’s organization or principles. It is hard to realize that what began as “Let’s give you a hand, until you get on your feet and, by the way, don’t forget to vote” is now “Tell me what you want and I will get it for you and, by the way, don’t forget to vote.” There is something that is missing called “responsibility for one’s self” and that certainly includes the family when they are assured another check with each new birth, especially when there is no partner in the home. There are those who believe that this Pre-K is just another name for more baby-sitting at taxpayer expense. The list of government programs (taxpayer borne) goes on and on. The greatest, most recently, was the idea that more people should be able to purchase homes but couldn’t because the financial standards were too strict. Well, we know what that resulted in, our economy is still reeling. But then, we (taxpayers) can make it all up by loaning money for college tuition as graduates make more money. Problem, turns out, repayment is proving difficult so there has to be a new program.

Simply put, what was true yesterday when it comes to who is behind the scenes in the political arena is calling the shots all at the middle class taxpayers’ expense.

Think about it and don’t forget to vote!

Jack D. Ballard



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