Tamarack seeking specific artisan’s products by March 1 for next Jury Session

Tamarack is looking for a few good artisans, who create specific products for sale in the artisan retail center.

According to Artisan Services Coordinator Robin Watson, Tamarack seeks production pottery, stained glass, calligraphy, and 100 percent handmade quilts.

Artisans who would like to be considered, should follow the process as outlined online at tamarackwv.com under the heading Sell to Tamarack. Briefly, a WV resident may send images via email for consideration for a review and consultation.

Although Tamarack welcomes all handmade products for review, these particular items are sought out for several reasons. “We have fewer artisans who make these products, so we have a consumer demand we need to fulfill,” said Watson. “Artisans retire, no longer create their work, or simply move away, so some of the product areas have diminished.

“We want to keep the variety and high quality of handcrafts at the most attractive level for our customers, and increase Tamarack sales, so that artisans can continue to have Tamarack as another successful venue for their work,” said Watson.

For details about the process, visit tamarackwv.com; call 304-256-6843, ext. 107; or email rwatson@tamarackwv.com. Photos of Tamarack and its products may be viewed online or on Tamarack’s Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest. Artisan videos may be viewed on Tamarack’s YouTube channel.


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