Supports Stephen Baldwin

Dear Editor:
I believe it is time for new representation in the House of Delegates for Greenbrier County and the areas included in District 42. Our current delegates have done little to advance our needs and concerns. I support and endorse the candidacy of Stephen Baldwin.
I first met this young man some 20 years ago as a teenager and a member of an All Star Baseball team. I was impressed the by his intelligence and the respect he gave to his coaches, team mates and the opposing team members.
I lost track of Stephen until he was named Pastor of the Ronceverte Presbyterian Church. As an undergraduate and graduate student, he worked to help cover his educational expenses.
As a respected member of his community, Stephen is actively involved in community affairs, a strong supporter of education and an advocate for all the people of Greenbrier County. Stephen ran successfully for the Greenbrier County Board of Education and took an active interest in our schools, visiting the schools to get a hands on feel of the system. He continues to be involved in the local schools. During our recent devastating flood in Greenbrier County, he was active in assisting affected families in their recovery. He works closely with other churches in the area and serves as treasurer of the local Ministerial Association for their program to assist residents in need.
His achievements are many and he is dedicated to serving our people. His roots in Greenbrier County run deep and he has dedicated himself to working for the betterment of everyone in our county and district. He is running a grassroots campaign, depending solely on donations and support from ordinary citizens and rejecting those from special interest groups seeking to buy influence.
I am proud of the man he became, consistent with my perception of him as a teenager. I am proud to offer my support and endorsement of Stephen Baldwin to represent the people of Greenbrier County and West Virginia in the House of Delegates and encourage others to vote for him.
Frank Lewis

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