Superintendent thanks community for support of Special School Levy

Greenbrier County voters approved continuation of the special school levy on Saturday, October 5, 2013. State allocations and federal funding provide only a portion of the total dollars needed to operate public schools. Local funding through special levies makes up the shortfall.

‘On behalf of the staff and students of Greenbrier County Schools, I want to thank the citizens of Greenbrier County for their continued support of the special school levy. These important resources will allow us to continue to offer the first class education our students deserve,’’ said Superintendent of Greenbrier County Schools Sallie E. Dalton. “We will continue to provide the safest possible environment for our children by using approved levy funds to continue to provide security services at the school level and offer programs to address the social emotional needs of our students.”

Dalton continues, “This year’s graduates, the Class of 2014, will be the first graduating class of Greenbrier County Schools who have had a netbook computer provided to them since ninth grade at no cost to the student. These graduates are now more prepared to enter the workforce or pursue higher education as a result of the opportunity to use technological resources to move beyond the four walls of a classroom and practice real world applications. These valuable opportunities will continue in the 2014-15 school year as a result of the passage of the levy and continue to level the playing field for graduating and current students.

With the passage of the levy, the quality arts and music programs that citizens in and outside of Greenbrier County have come to expect will continue through strong elementary music and arts programs, a rich middle and high school music and arts curriculum, and excellent partnerships with community arts and music programs.

As the saying goes, `It takes a village to raise a child’. We value our partnerships with our parents, community organizations, local businesses, and communities. We know that working together we can do right by our children. Again, I want to express our sincere thanks,” Dalton concluded.

Monies generated by the special levy can be used only for expenditures specified on the ballot. The current special levy expires in June 2014. The levy approved on Saturday October 5 will take effect on July 1, 2014.

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