Students from WVSOM present dental program to students at Ronceverte Elementary School

Front Row: Dr. Larry Davis (left), Stacey Mahady and Olga Lembersky; Back Row: Henry Makepeace (left), Cameron LeMasters, Jacob Lyon, Apoorva Maddi and Mike Liu.

To provide experience in the preparation and presentation of community-based health education seminars, Dr. Andrea Nazar, D.O., developed a health education lab for second-year students at the West Virginia School of Osteopathic Medicine. The students prepare and present “healthy news” to schools, civic groups, senior citizen centers, and other organizations, tailoring the presentations to the intended audience and to the interests of the group(s) they are addressing.

On Feb. 21, after completing a three week Health unit on the human teeth and mouth Deborah Johnson, second grade teacher at Ronceverte Elementary School (RES), invited students from WVSOM, RES’s Partner in Education, to prepare and present an age appropriate, informing and engaging educational session to her students on the proper care of your teeth, mouth and the role germs play in our everyday lives.

WVSOM Dentist
Weston Pence (left), Dayne Perry, Cole Loftin and Tessa Hanson with Future Dr. Cameron LeMasters.

A group of seven second-year students and their facilitator Larry Davis, Ph.D., presented a hands-on program that involved laptops, PowerPoint’s, handouts, coloring books, models and interactive games. Each second grade student rotated in groups among three stations set up in the classroom. At the end of the presentation, the WVSOM students played a game of Jeopardy with the second graders using questions they developed that were related to the information from their presentation and the Health unit Mrs. Johnson taught. “I really liked playing Jeopardy. My group got 1,600 points and we won!” said second grader Dayne Perry.

Professor Davis said, “The Skills Group N were a good fit with Mrs. Johnson’s second-graders at RES. Since I began facilitating these health presentations back in 2008, I’ve seldom seen such enthusiastic engagement in the program by all participants.”

After providing time for questions and answers, the WVSOM students gave each second grader a colorful toothbrush and toothpaste. “You would have thought by the gasps and squeals they had been given a hundred dollar bill each. They were really excited about the gifts,” stated Mrs. Johnson

“If your group or organization is looking for presenters on health issues, you should contact Mr. L. Davis at WVSOM at 304-647-6231 and schedule a presentation of your own,” said Mrs. Johnson.