Spring Break reduced to make up to make up snow days

By David Esteppe

With a state mandated 180 day school year for public school students, Greenbrier County Schools (GCS) have missed 15 days so far. School superintendant Sallie Dalton announced the currently scheduled make-up days for the county.

Seven days are scheduled to be made up by using days that were built into the current school year as possible make up days if needed. They are Apr. 7 and 8; May 26, 27, 28 and 29; and June 1.

The days that are a part of the scheduled spring break that will remain as break days, no matter what, are Apr. 3 and 6, Good Friday and the day after Easter.

Any further make-up days will be determined by May, as the state legislature decides if and how to either enforce the recently imposed legislated 180 school-day year, or issue waivers to counties to possibly not make up all missed days of school this year.

Dalton also stated that it is wise to keep in mind that there is no guarantee that additional days of school might be missed this year due to weather incidents.