Spartans defeat Greenbrier West Cavaliers in spectacular 11-1 victory


By Mason E. Haynes

(Photo by Mason E. Haynes) No. 24, Kyle King, swings the bat.

The Greenbrier East Spartans Baseball team came out victorious Wednesday night over the Greenbrier West Cavaliers in an 11-1 victory.

The night was pleasant and the Spartan’s baseball team appeared to have no trouble against their competitors even though they gained a good head start on them in the first two innings.

Tensions were lukewarm for the Cavaliers as the game progressed while the Spartans were pushing forward to cheer their own team. Ron Dotson is a fan who is local to Greenbrier East who gave his opinion on the game.

“It was very exciting for Greenbrier East”, Dotson said. “East looks very good and they are very polished and they rebounded it’s very good.”

Another individual spoke about the opposing team. Larry Ickes was watching the baseball game and he gave his thoughts on the game along with his view on Greenbrier East and West relations about baseball.

“It’s actually interesting to see how close the two schools compete,” Ickes said. “And the kids were looking forward to it because this was a nice game. But we’re also different size schools because one is a double AA school and the other is a triple AAA school.”

The Spartans scored more points around the final innings which improved their score at the end of the game.

Coach Mann gave his final thoughts at the end while explaining how strong the Greenbrier West Cavaliers can be as competitors.

“Greenbrier West has a good ball team and they have a lot of good potential,” Mann said. “I know that Coach Nickell is working with them and I think they have a lot of potential in supporting those kids so they can be a really good ball team”.

The Greenbrier East men’s baseball team will play against Woodrow Wilson High School on Apr. 3.

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