Spa City considers proactive water emergency planning

image courtesy of/ Pixabay

During the monthly council meeting on Monday evening, council member G.P. Parker aired an idea he’d been mulling over in light of the chemical spill in Charleston last month, as well as Ronceverte’s recent water shortage due to freezing conditions on the Greenbrier River. In being proactive with preparing for water emergencies, Parker suggested “opening a dialogue” with officials from Lewisburg, Alderson, Ronceverte and the Greenbrier County Emergency Center to create an alternate means of providing safe, clean water by using WSS’s water source as an interconnection point.

“White Sulphur Springs has one of the safest water sources,” Parker asserted.

Interconnecting the water systems “would take a lot of engineering,” Parker said, but added, “You have to start somewhere.” Parker said water from White Sulphur Springs comes from an aquifer, unlike other local communities whose water comes from the Greenbrier River.

His idea may turn out to be useful and timely as the city of Lewisburg is planning to move its water intake site on the Greenbrier River to a point north of the landfill. Currently that intake pipe is situated below the landfill.

In other business:

• Mayor Lloyd Haynes announced the Spa City has been gifted with a signboard to compliment the illuminated City Hall sign along Main Street by the White Sulphur Springs Green Devil Alumni Association. The signboard will announce events and other important information as a communication tool for the city.

• Council wants assurances from city attorney Steve Hunter that all legal technicalities are cleared before adopting a new police department procedures policy, in use by the county as well as several other city police departments within the state. A motion to approve the policy was seconded but received no majority vote.

• Police Chief William Wallcoen stated that bids are being collected for the installation costs of cameras to be placed in the lobby of City Hall and at the police department. Wallcoen said the cameras will serve to document the disturbances, disagreements, and even fights, which occasionally break out in those locations.

Wallcoen also reported that the department is currently investigating seven cases, most dealing with drugs and breaking and entering.

• Council member Lynn Swann reported that the city’s Hike & Bike Trail project may receive grant funding, with more than $120,000 in additional funds expected

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